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Whole Food Market Inc. Expects A Higher Bid Than Amazon Over Their Share Price Hike By 54 Percent


Amazon is currently the biggest online retail giant in the world and expects to buy Whole Food Market Inc. at a bidding deal of $13.7 billion. But words are in the market that this won’t be the last bidding amount after the share price of Whole Food closed on $43.22 a share with a rise of 54 percent in its share price. Amazon had already quoted $42 per share to whole food market Inc. but things changed after stakeholders got a ray of hope with the increase in share price on Monday. Speculators won’t be surprised if they visualize a bidding war for this grocery retail giant player in the market which has more than 465 stores across the country that primary focus on selling organic groceries.

Although Whole foods Market Inc might expect a bidding war but it would be very difficult for other competitors to sustain against the retail giant whose current stock market value is $475 billion. Analyzing the current market conditions and share prices of Amazon which was $995.17 per share on Monday evening; competitors would need a really different strategy apart from the bidding amount to win against Amazon. Even Amazon is very confident about their position and the bidding was and expects no one would be bid against them. The expected bidders to fight for this grocery retail giant might include Kroger Co., the parent of the Ralphs and Food4Less supermarket chains, Albertsons which is currently the owner of Vons and Pavilions and who could forget the biggest retail player Walmart Stores Inc.

Speculators expect that competitive bidders would either try to win the bidding war by quoting a higher amount or at least make an attempt to make this a costlier deal for Amazon so that it doesn’t hamper the overall grocery market. Amazon is famous for curtailing the prices of the product to a large extent making it difficult for other players to face the price cut heat and sustain in the market. Whole Food Market Inc had suffered a huge downfall in their share prices since 2013 when their share prices were at its peak and almost double of what it is right now. Rival super market chains are scared about Amazon being keen and enthusiastic about purchasing the Whole Food Company since it would spoil the complete market and force them to take some drastic steps to compete Amazon. Analyst states that if Jeff Bezos decided to get Whole food then nothing can stop him from achieving it.