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Roundup Product Of Weed Killer Will Come With A Label Of Being Able To Cause Cancer


California would be the first state to announce that Roundup weed killer product will have to mention a label with the warning of having the potential to cause cancer. Glyphosate is the primary and important chemical in the Roundup product and this chemical would end up on the California list of cancerous products from July 7. Monsanto, the chemical’s maker had already lost the case in the court against having the label on the product has now appealed that Roundup product is not at all harmful and they shouldn’t be asked to label their product with this warning. This kind of warning would hamper the overall business and the revenue of the company.

Things are really uncertain right now and there is no confirmation if Roundup will really have to mention a label stating that it can cause cancer. There were more than 1,300 comments against the State health regulators decision if they should check the product thoroughly and confirm if it contains any other additional product that can cause harm to the health of the people using it. Sam Delson, a spokesman for California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has confirmed that they are reviewing the comments put down by the people and they are not yet sure if they would do this. But things would be clear very soon. Glyphosate was introduced by Monsanto in 1974 by stating that it has the capability to kill the entire weed plantation around the crops without harming the crops or plants.

Glyphosate is a popular product in more than 160 countries and farmers are using it on more than 250 different plants and crops to kill the weed. In fact, it is utilized the most in California which is considered to be the leading state in farming among all other states in the US. Attorney Michael Baum has picked this fight on behalf of those 300 people by representing them against the case wherein these people claim that one of their closed ones has died due to contact with Roundup. The attorney confirmed that the fight is against the company to save California people and it will continue until the end.

California has a list which has all the names of harmful chemicals that can cause to the human life and this case is the failure to have set the proper level of these chemicals in the product endangering the life of all those California people using this product on their crops. Monsanto has not given up yet and confirmed that they would be fighting against this decision since they consider that their product is not harmful and try to get it out of the California list of harmful chemicals.


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