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Apple Is Expected To Replace The Fingerprint Sensor With 3D Face Scanning In Upcoming iPhone 8

The fingerprint sensor technology may soon become outdated as Apple has come up with a new concept called 3D face scanning technology.


The fingerprint sensor technology which can be seen in all the recently launched smartphones is expected to become outdated soon. While Samsung is still struggling to include the fingerprint sensor under the display, Apple has come up with a new idea to replace fingerprint sensor with a 3D face scanning technology.

The iPhone 8 smartphone which is expected to be launched in August may have the 3D face scanning technology to provide enhanced security. Using this technology, the users can unlock their phone using their face rather than using their fingerprint. One of the Apple spokespeople said that Apple with ditch the fingerprint sensor technology in its upcoming iPhone 8 device and will equip a face scanning technology which can scan the users face to recognize the user.

The 3D face scanning technology will basically scan your eyes and the technology is powered by a 3D sensor for facial recognition. All the security-concerned tasks like authenticating the payments and others will be done using this technology.

By launching this technology Apple does not wish to make the fingerprint sensor the outdated one but instead, it wants to enhance the speed and accuracy of the device. The key driving forces behind this technology are still unknown and the technology is still at the developmental stage.

Using this technology, the device can be unlocked very quickly within a fraction of a second. Also, the 3D face scanning technology will not require the user to hold the device in their hand for unlocking it. Instead, the user can simply place it on the desk and use their face to unlock the device. Some leaked reports also suggest that this technology is not yet full-fledged and may not be included in the iPhone 8 device.

The existing fingerprint sensor technology has some drawbacks like it cannot recognize the fingers which are dirty or sweaty, so unlocking the device takes time. Hence Apple may have thought of this technology as it is quick, efficient, secure and user-friendly.