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Apple May Team Up With LG To Get OLED Display For Its iPhone Devices

The OLED display technology is seen in many smartphones. Now the Apple is trying to bring this technology to its iPhones with the LG's support.


As Samsung remains one of the top OLED panel suppliers, its rival Apple is also planning to alleviate the competition. Apple is expected to sign a deal of billion dollars to equip its iPhone devices with OLED displays.

In order to widen the manufacturing capacity and ship its iPhones with OLED displays, the Apple is extending hands towards LG. If this deal comes true then Apple will be able to include OLED display in all of its iPhone devices by 2019. The details regarding the deal come from one of the South Korean publication named The Investor.

The deal may close anywhere between $1.75 billion to $2.62 billion as the LG will focus on designing the OLED display technology for the Apple. However, the deal closing date and the price which the Apple has to pay is not yet known. Till now Samsung is only able to cope up with the Apple’s quality following LG which meets 70% of its quality level. Other Chinese smartphone manufacturers are still far behind trying to cope up with LG.

To include the OLED display technology around $3 billion are needed so that on an average 30,000 devices can be built with this technology. The new LG plant called E6 is expected to be made only for the producing the devices with the OLED display.

LG is also known for manufacturing the TV sets which has OLED display technology. It was also seen that LG is also working with the recently known technology called foldable display. The tech giants like Apple, Google have also approached LG to this technology.

It is not yet clear why Apple is struggling to have the OLED display technology for its iPhone. Come leaked rumors also hints that the upcoming iPhone 8 device may support this technology. Also, the successors of iPhone 7 namely iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus may hit the market with OLED display technology.