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United Airline’s Technical Glitch Caused a Passenger To Give Up Her 2 Years Old Son’s Seat In a Flight


United Airlines has already been in news due to several incidents happened in the past related to misbehaviour with passengers boarding a flight. This is the new incident that happened on 29th June when Shirley Yamauchi had booked 2 separate tickets for herself and her child to boarding the flight from Houston to Boston. According to the regulations put down by the authorities, a 2years old and above child need to have a separate ticket booked for the travel in the airplane. Following the instructions, Shirley Yamauchi did so and boards the flight with her child. But to her surprise, a standby passenger approached her and claimed that the seat occupied by her son, Taizo belonged to him.

Shirley Yamauchi informed him that she had booked two separate tickets and the seat belonged to her son. In his defense, the passenger claimed that he got the ticket from the airlines on standby. When Shirley Yamauchi informed the flight attendant about the incident, the flight attendant wasn’t supportive and informed her that they cannot help her with anything since the flight was full and she has to carry the child on her lap for the complete 18 hours journey of the flight. This is not the first time when the United Airlines flight got full and they oversold the ticket which caused a lot of discomfort to their passengers. Shirley Yamauchi was scared of the behavior which she might encounter after the videos she had seen about United Airlines flight attendants misbehaving with the passengers.

The viral video of a passenger been dragged by the United Airlines attendants for not giving up his seat due to flight been over full was very fresh in her mind and stopped her from complaining. The authorities informed Yamauchi to contact the United hotline and explain them the situation so that adequate action can be taken. But the response she received from the airlines was that they won’t be able to provide any kind of refund in this case and if she wants the refund then the return tickets would be cancelled. In defense of United Airlines, the spokesperson informed that due to a technical glitch, the ticket of Shirley Yamauchi’s son was not scanned properly at the gate. Due to this, the seat was not checked and hence was considered to be empty. In order to fulfil the seat, the ticket of the standby passenger was issued by the airlines.

The spokesperson also confirmed that they have already contacted Shirley Yamauchi and apologized for the incident and would provide the refund as well as adequate compensation for the pain she had to go through during the flight.