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Apple Will Ship All iPhones With OLED Display From 2018

The OLED display technology will be seen soon in the upcoming iPhone device according to the leaked reports.


The OLED display technology which is seen in many smartphones like Samsung will be arriving at iPhones soon according to the recently leaked report. Until now the OLED display technology was seen only in Apple Pro and MacBook Pr. Now it seems that the iPhone 8 and other two models namely iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be shipped with OLED display technology.

Another report from Japan’s Nikkei suggests that the iPhones with OLED display technology will be available from 2017. According to this report, Apple is actively working towards the iPhones with OLED display technology and the smartphone is already in its design stage. Also, the suppliers of OLED display technology will gain huge market revenue is this leak turns out to be true.

The report says that during the Apple’s 10th year anniversary the company will replace the LCD display which is seen in its present smartphone device with an OLED display. As Apple is struggling to provide end to end display size iPhones because of which the company may have to ditch the home button will also use OLED display technology.

One of the reports from Bloomberg says that the Apple will ditch the fingerprint sensor technology also to include the 3D face recognition technology for unlocking the device. The company may have thought of this idea to improve the device accuracy and eradicate the need for holding the phone to unlock it.

As iPhone 8 is expected to be launched without the home button to provide end-to-end bezel-less display the Touch ID will also not be present. As the presence of Touch ID below the display is less efficient the company will go for the 3D face scanning technology.

Coming to the cost of iPhone 8 device which will be priced $1,000. Also, nothing much is known about iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus but it will be much cheaper compares to iPhone 8.