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Snapchat Revamps Its Feature Which Will Help You To Link Websites Using Paperclip

The new features like paperclip, geofilters, backdrops, Snap Map, voice filters will surely help the Snapchat users.


Snapchat has come up with many new features within the last couple of months that will increase the popularity of the website among its users. The new feature introduced by Snapchat is not just appealing to users but also productive which will help them to link websites to their Snap using paperclip feature.

The new paperclip feature introduced by Snapchat is a new innovative feature which can help the user to attach the link before the Snap is shared. Along with paperclip feature the company has also come up with geofilters which were announced in the month of June. Backdrops and Voice filters are also the new addition to the Snapchat family.

These new features will help the company to compete with the Facebook-owned Instagram as this feature is not available for the Instagram users. The paperclip features will favor the growth of online marketing as they can link their websites with their Snap.

To use this feature user just need to attach the link to their content or the snap and lateral swipe to view them. The large media firms can also utilize this feature to the fullest as they can provide the actual website link. This will pave the way for new opportunities to help the users, marketers and the media company to gain publicity and become popular.

But the paperclip feature comes with a set of rules and regulations to ensure safety. Snapchat will make use of Google’s Safe Browsing Service to avoid any phishing, malware attacks and spread of malicious and misleading content on their site. The company has also given the control in users’ hand as they can report the inaccurate and insecure links.

Other three recently launched features by the company include Voice Filters, Backdrops and Snap Map. The voice filters can alter the user’s voice, the backdrop will help the user to change the background of the image. The Snap Map feature will locate the users or friends which are present in their proximity to spread social behavior.

These new features have already started rolling out for all the Android and iOS users.