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New Windows Insider Build Rolls Out New Features To Fix Bugs With The OS

The New Windows Insider Build has been revamped and undergone improvement to make the Windows platform secure and free from attacks.


Microsoft, the Redmond-based tech giant has launched new Windows Insider Build which will fix the bug reported by the Windows user. The Windows OS has recently become a victim of many attacks like WannaCry attack, Petya Virus which has ruptured the private data of many organizations. The new features are much needed to regain the user’s trust and to protect their system from damage.

The new Windows Insider Build has been launched by the company starting from July 7. The whole new features namely enhanced Edge browser experience, new Notifications feature, resolving DPI issues and many others will surely resolve the problems which are currently faced by the Microsoft Windows users.

Windows Insider by Microsoft is a platform which will help users to preview the upcoming builds for Windows and to provide feedback to the company regarding the same. This will help the Microsoft team to launch the new builds according to the users need making the Windows platform Semi-open for the users and the company. When the Windows Insider Builds are rolled out to a large number of users it will help the company to detect the threats or the bug before the build rolls out publicly.

The first improvement is seen in the Microsoft Edge browser. Although the browser is not much popular among the users it is far better than the Internet Explorer which is laden with the bugs. The new Windows Insider Build with its revamped user interface with animated favorites and matching the Edge theme will provide the smooth user experience. Also for the visually impaired individuals, there will be a feature which can read aloud any web page or the PDF document along with stressing of the key points.

The second improvement is seen in the Windows Shell which will fix the issue with the high dots-per-inch (DPI) displays. Earlier when a user remotely accesses their device they use to encounter an issue with some apps and they were logged out of their device.

This bug reported by the Windows users has not been completely removed but it is eased with the new Windows Insider Build.

Some small changes with the notifications are also being made and now these notifications will be displayed at the bottom of the notification panel which was right-justified earlier.

The new Windows Insider Build is expected to make the platform user-friendly and free from deadly attacks.