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Google’s Startup Firm Dandelion Will Use Geothermal Energy To Heat Houses

Google's new startup form called Dandelion will utilize the geothermal source of energy for heating and cooling the homes.


In today’s world, there is a need to hunt for alternative renewable sources of energy to satisfy the energy requirements. To promote this initiative Google has come with a new startup firm called Dandelion which is a part of the company’s parent company called Alphabet Inc.

Dandelion, founded by Google aims to heat and cool your houses using geothermal energy which a renewable and affordable source. As the current heating and cooling systems are costly and have high installation fees, Google has come with this alternative, which is cleaner and cheaper.

The geothermal energy is stored and present below the Earth’s surface which can be extracted using the plastic pipes and can be used inside the home. Dandelion is a separate firm which is working under the Alphabet to provide the heating and cooling solutions to homes using geothermal energy.

The air pollution has become a major issue due to the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. In the United States alone the amount of carbon dioxide released was 2,236 metric tons. Such emissions are not only taking a toll on the environment but they are also leading to the extinction of non-renewable sources of energy.

The geothermal energy present below the residential buildings will be utilized using pipes to heat the home during winter and cool the homes during summer. In winter, the water which will pass through the plastic pipes by Dandelion will absorb and transform it into the warm air using the geothermal heating pump. Similarly, during summer this geothermal heating pump will disperse the heat back to the Earth’s surface.

Also, this system comes with numerous advantages like it is easy to install and does not involve huge installation cost. People did not worry much as installing the system below ground will not damage their buildings.

Initially Dandelion will test this geothermal energy based heating and cooling solution to the homes in the northeastern states of US and the New York City will be their first target.