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Samsung’s Bixby Voice Chat Has Finally Hit The Users Of United States

Samsung's Bixby Voice Chat which is the digital assistant has finally reached the Korean and United States smartphone users.


Bixby which is the digital assistant of Samsung similar to that of Siri by Apple has finally rolled to the smartphone users of United States. The Bixby Voice Chat feature is presently available to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 + users. This feature was expected to be revealed much before but it has now started rolling out which is the most anticipated feature.

The users of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ can experience this feature by simply need to download the update related to this and can experience the latest Bixby digital assistant. However, this digital assistant at present supports only Korean and the English language but very soon Samsung will extend the support for different languages.

Samsung had already provided a hint when it was about to launch its Galaxy S8 device stating that Bixby could become the reality soon. However, at present, the Bixby does not offer a full-fledged support as it is facing some issues with the English language voice features.

The new English based support for the Bixby Voice Chat was delayed and more than 100,000 Galaxy S8 devices will get access to this feature. The Bixby Voice Chat will support more than 4 million commands. One of the key advantages of Bixby is that it supports the phrasing of sentences in more efficient manner and hands-free ability.

How will the Bixby excel among its competitors like the Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant?

The digital assistant is powered by the voice commands and they utilize the concept of artificial intelligence to the fullest. The initial launch of Bixby faced some mixed views but on the whole, the software is equipped with all the necessary features similar to Apple Siri and the Google Assistant.

Hence it remains to be seen how the users will find this Bixby Voice Chat useful and will replace the need of using the buttons to perform certain tasks.