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Can Google And Facebook Endure To Rule The Advertisements?

Will Google and Facebook both remain in the competition of increasing their revenue by posting the advertisements.


Google and Facebook, both are the major tech and social networking sites serving millions and millions of people. They have a high level of revenue all because of the advertisements they post. But today, a big question arises as ‘Will they really continue to lead the advertisements?’ This is obviously not going to be a relaxed job for both of them. Both will have to struggle a lot.

To know their current market revenue and controlling power, officials from Magna Global chased their archives. Their expenditure on the radio, small screen and advertisements increased up to 38 billion USD from the year 2012 to 2016. While their altogether revenue increased by 58 billion USD during the same period of time.

Google’s unaccompanied annual advertisement revenue increased by 40 percent. It has millions of followers and customers due to its ever-increasing supply of advertisements and internet products. It has immensely adopted the digital marketing techniques to sell its ads.

Every year, Google’s revenue due to ads is increasing by 12 percent. This is an outstanding growth the company is presenting. Most of the companies have no other option other than posting their ads on google as it is the major company that provides internet associated products and services.

Facebook says its revenue is going to lower this year as it is going to cut down the posting of a number of advertisements that are unbearable. Posting ads on different networking sites is a risky task. The only for way remained with Google to increase the growth in the revenue is to invest more in advertisements over television, magazines, and newspaper.

Other means can be posting more ads on the Google street map. Though, this seems to be easy it’s going to be pretty difficult. There is going to be a huge competition between Google and Facebook for posting the advertisements. Moreover, after a couple of days, Amazon will also race in the competition.