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Silent Echo Can Assist You For Chatting With Amazon Alexa Via Slack

Silent Echo is new platform integrated with Slack to helps users to fire text messages to Amazon Alexa instead of using voice commands.


Amazon Alexa, the personal digital assistant is one of the best device currently available in the market in terms of skill set and the interaction ability. Amazon is enhancing the skills of its digital assistant and recently it has provided new feature using which the user can directly chat with the digital assistant using slack. Hence users can now use a text message to chat with the Alexa instead of just using the voice commands and this is possible with the help of Silent Echo.

Amazon has designed a new bot called Silent Echo for the users who don’t want to use voice commands but want to interact with Alexa in the form of text. This new feature will surely help the users who prefer written commands over the voice commands. The Silent Echo bot will help the users in a noisy place where the Alexa is unable to hear you properly. In such situations, users can just issue the text messages to the digital assistant using the Slack messaging platform.

However, the new Silent Echo won’t allow the users to utilize the entire features of Alexa like streaming the news content, playing music and others but basic tasks can be performed efficiently by the Silent Echo bot. The Silent Echo is able to successfully perform certain tasks like controlling your smart devices.

Silent Echo will be integrated with the Slack and using this the users can interact with Alexa. The way of firing commands using the Silent Echo is quite simple and the users just need to type a message under the “@silentecho” section, this text message will be converted into a voice message using the APIs.

The Silent Echo is designed by Bespoken and it is designed to work with Alexa. Also, it does not have any loopholes or drawbacks as Amazon is depending on Bespoken to launch this bot. Bespoken is quite popular among the Slack users handling 35 different Slack communities and having more than 1,000 users. However, as of now, the Silent Echo does not provide a facility to make online payments due to security reasons however the basic tasks can be done efficiently.