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Stress Due To Poverty And Racial Discrimination Can Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Stress due to social factors like poverty, racial discrimination can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease at the later stage of life.


Stress Due To Poverty And Racial Discrimination Can Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s DiseaseStress the psychological disorder faced by many people across the globe can make you susceptible to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Stress faced by many individuals may be due to different reasons like poverty, family background, work pressure and in some cases even the racial discrimination.

The new study presented during the Alzheimer’s Association’s annual conference in London found that stress not only affects your day-to-day life but it can also alleviate the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The study found that the risk of the stress-related disorder called Alzheimer’s disease is more common among the African Americans. These African Americans are the victims of racial discrimination which is going on since decades in the United States.

During the study, the researchers noticed that the African American population face stress due to poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, high divorce rate, deaths which take a toll on their brain’s health during the later stage of life.

The stress level of the African American population in four years span is equal to the stress level of one and half year for the whites. The neighborhood also plays an important role in the cognitive ability of an individual which indicates the onset of brain disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In such people who become the victim of stress due to poverty and racial discrimination also show high infant mortality rates.

Deaths due to these condition gives rise of unemployment as the burden of responsibilities is bestowed upon the individual at very young age. The results of the study show that such people who undergo stress, racial discrimination should be supported by different communities.

The African American are also at high risk of other disorders like obesity, heart disorders, diabetes. Hence it is proved that the social factors also have an impact on the risk of different diseases. The study also proved that the African American is at 60% higher risk of stress-related disorders compared to the white American population.