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Amazon App Will Provide The Alexa Support For The Android Users

Android users can now experience Alexa's support which is integrated into the Amazon app.


Amazon which is the most popular shopping platform has been successful in different fields including the food sector, smart speaker devices and much more. Alexa which is the Amazon’s digital assistant has powered many smart speaker devices. With the help of Alexa’s support, the users can perform many day-to-day tasks efficiently by just firing the voice commands.

Amazon has now widened the scope of its business and brought the Alexa support for the Amazon app. The Alexa support for the Amazon app has already rolled out to iOS devices and the users have been enjoying this shopping app since a long time. Not only the company is trying to improve the Alexa with more and more skills but also it wants to make the app easily accessible.

The users of Amazon mobile app can now greatly benefit with Alexa’s integration but exact date when this feature will be accessible to the Android users is not yet known. The Amazon wants to acquaint the users with Alexa’s capabilities which may influence them to buy Echo device.

Amazon Alexa is well known for performing certain functions like playing music, answering the basic question, informing the weather conditions, reading the news and much more. Now with the launch of Alexa’s integration with the Amazon app can perform the purchasing tasks more easily. For instance, the user can fire a command like “Hey Alexa buy an Echo device for me” and the action will be performed. The updated Amazon app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Moreover, the tasks like managing the smart home devices, playing games, booking an Uber ride, placing an online food order, streaming the sports content can be done easily using the Alexa. However, the update will roll out in patches and will not be available to all the users at once.