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Reusing of the Astronomical Waste now becomes Possible, Astronaut Claims


Travelling millions of a mile away from the Earth surface results in accumulation of various waste products by the astronauts. The waste products may include harmful gas like carbon dioxide, excretory products and other unused parts of the spacecraft.
Now the question arises, where these end products can find its way? Dr. Mark Blenner, one of the astronaut came up with a great solution to reuse these left overs when the astronauts return back from their long journey.

“Economic budget of an atom will be considered as an important part of this journey”, Dr. Blenner says. According to Blenner, astronauts can themselves find a way to reuse the waste they generate. They are on the verge defining a technique that could reprocess the waste into some useful products that can benefit the astronauts such as supplements and synthetic polymers.

The impulse of this project is to induce scientist to wake up from their inactive state and construct a biological system and make something fruitful out of it, Blenner added. The first idea that struck their brain was the development of Yarrowia lipolytic yeast that necessitates carbon and nitrogen for its growth.

The yeast could find its nitrogen source from the urine and CO2 on the other hand from the originates from carbon dioxide exhaled by the astronomers. Yeast has the capacity to produce omega-3 fatty acids which help in keeping eye sight, brain and heart health.
Coming to the synthetic polymers, they can find its way towards 3-D printers used for preparing new plastic parts. It can also be combined to form diverse varieties of polyesters having distinct properties. Blenner said, “We are trying to alter the genetic properties of Yarrowia lipolytic yeast so that it can give varieties of astounding results as compared to other types of yeast.”

“Every creature has some kind of eccentricity which needs proper attention and thoughtfulness”, he further added.