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The Consumption Of Magic Mushrooms Can Be Useful For People Suffering From Depression


Depression is one of the major issues which affect the individual’s brain activity. The number of depression cases is on the rise. In order to keep yourself away from depression, an individual should follow a healthy lifestyle habit. According to a recent study, the magic mushroom is quite effective in resetting your brain activity.

Magic mushrooms can help the people suffering from depression and health experts show the therapeutic benefits of consuming magic mushroom. This holds true for treating depression and is one of the promising ways to help the people suffering from depression.

During the study, the researchers studied the advantages of psilocybin which is a chemical present in magic mushrooms. The study was conducted by the researchers from Imperial College of London. The people suffering from depression were studied to determine the brain functioning before and after the study.

After the study, it was seen that the changes in the brain activity were seen among the participants. Also, there was a significant reduction in the depressive symptoms and these positive benefits lasted for 5 weeks.

This was the first study to show how psilocybin compound present in magic mushroom holds true for reducing depression compared to the traditional methods. Many research studies are conducted in this field to identify new ways which can tackle depression. One of the techniques which hold true in reducing depression is playing video games.

Some participants also reported the reset feeling in their brain which is similar to the process of rebooting your desktop. The compound called Psilocybin acts quickly and helps in restoring the depressive condition. The study related to this can be found in the journal Scientific Reports.

Along with the reduction in the depressive symptoms, these individuals also reported improvement in their mood and reduction in stress. This compound can also increase the blood flow to the brain. It also improves the individual’s response towards stress and fear. One more study will be conducted in 2018, to study the impact of magic mushroom which contains a compound called psilocybin.