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Samsung Rolls Out Emoji-based Chat App Called Wemogee To Help People With Language Disorder


The trend of using emojis for online communication is growing rapidly. The emojis are worth 1,000 words and can express feelings in the best possible way. It is fact that people with language disorder or language barrier can now communicate with any corner of the world using emojis. Also, emojis has reduced the pain of Twitter users where there was a 140-character limit.

We usually come across people who send messages with a lot of emojis and fewer words. For some people with language disorder like aphasia, it is the difficult task to read, talk or write hence these emojis can prove to be the best way of communication. Samsung Electronics, the South Korean giant have launched a new app called Wemogee that will greatly break the language barrier and will help people with language disorders.

What features does Wemogee offer and how it can help people with Aphasia?

The main motive of Wemogee is to bring all users together again regardless of their language barriers. To do so, Samsung has joined hands with Italian speech therapist called Francesca Polini to translate more than 140 sentences into the sequence of emojis that can convey the proper message.

Hence, using this technique the app called Wemogee was developed. For instance, if you want to ask someone “How are you?” the sentence will turn into a smiley face, an “OK” hand gesture and a question mark.

However, the Wemogee keyboard differs from the standard keyboard. The Wemogee keyboard has its own set of communication tools that replaces text phrases into emojis.

The Wemogee app can be used as the messaging app and also as a face-to-face interaction tool. The app supports both English and Italian language. Also, the Wemogee app will be available initially only to the Android users from April 28 but, iOS version of the app will be launched soon.

People With language disorder called Aphasia can easily use this app to communicate. Aphasia is a neurological disorder that hampers the ability of individuals to understand, express and communicate. Stroke, brain injuries, and other neurodegenerative diseases can lead to Aphasia.

Samsung claims that Wemogee app is simple to use. With a single button, the user can begin the conversation or reply to the messages.