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A New Chapter Revealed in Uber and Waymo’s Controversy over Stealing of Trade Secrets


Uber and Waymo has been in a long fight over the controversy of trade secrets been stolen from Waymo regarding their self-driven car technology by Uber current employee. Anthony Levandowski, a former employee of Waymo who is currently working with Uber is accused of stealing more than 14,000 confidential documents and traded them with Uber. Waymo has already filed a lawsuit with the US federal court regarding this incident but Uber remained silent till now. But finally, Uber broke the silent and confirmed that they would fire the employee accused of stealing the confidential documents.

This is a popular case of two giant companies struggling in the self-driving car domain to launch the technology and be the first one to gain the benefits. Many technological giants are in process of developing this technology and introducing it in the market for the customers but predictions are that it’s a long distance yet to cover. According to the allegations, Waymo accused Uber of using their key sensor technology in Uber’s self-driving car model through their Lidar system. Against those allegations, US District Judge William Alsup issued an order to Uber to keep away Anthony Levandowski from work related to the self-driving car so that no employees would make use of the material stolen from Waymo and asked Uber to return it by 31st May.

Uber is supportive to the orders and informed Mr. Levandowski to comply with the court orders and return the material or he would be terminated from his services. Mr. Levandowski’s lawyer appealed to modify their orders to the court in a case where Mr. Levandowski is using his constitutional right against his self-incrimination and does not return any material or documents to Waymo. Earlier this week, they would arbitrate the court’s orders in this case and refuse Waymo’s claims. But Judge William Alsup had been adamant on not allowing this case to be heard in private for and insisted that the case would be heard and carried out in San Francisco federal court.

Uber’s problems have been increasing day by day and the public image of this ride-hailing service company is completely distorted. They have been a part of many controversies in 2017 leaving no room for improvement to clear their image. Uber has bought the company started by Mr. Levandowski after he left Waymo in 2015 for $680 million in August last year. Uber has never denied the allegations of Waymo about the documents not being stolen from their company but has always kept their stand that they never used it for their technology development purpose.