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Atlas Brown Inc’s Purchase of 57 Shares During the First Quarter Improved Their Position By 9.7 Percent


Atlas Brown Inc is one of the major shareholders in Alphabet Inc (Google) company. Recently during their filing of 13F forms with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it was seen that they managed to improve their position in their holdings by 9.7 percent which was earlier worth of $536,000 until last financial year. This activity was not limited only to Atlas Brown Inc and other shareholders also managed to raise their holdings during the last quarter. For instance, Shufro Rose & Co. LLC managed to raise their shareholding by 1.4 percent, Smith Moore & CO by 1.6 percent, Park National Corp OH by 0.7 percent, Norris Perne & French LLP MI by 0.3 percent and McKinley Carter Wealth Services Inc. by 2.3 percent.

All these players managed to purchase a decent amount of shares available in the market leading to this positive shift in their shareholding in the Alphabet Inc. this has impacted the current shares prices in the market which was uplifted by 0.65 percent on Wednesday. The company has seen huge fluctuations in their share prices which went all-time low up to $663.28 and the highest record which it maintains till date is of $955.09. The company has developed a positive image after the release of their earnings data during the last quarter on 27th April 2017. The company has out-performed beyond the expected performance in their first quarter in relation to their earnings per share data, total revenue generation, return on equity to the shareholders and total revenue earned. The earnings per share were higher by $0.35 wherein they expected to register it to $7.38 EPS against their actual earnings of $7.78 EPS.

There have been a lot of comments from various analysts about the current activity against the shares of Alphabet Inc owned Google and what could be the expected rise in their share prices and what could be the expected closing price in near future. According to Vetr the shares would have a hold rating and can expect to have a target price of $907.74 per share. But Aegis already commented on Monday that Shares of Google would have a Buy rating and target price to be quoted by the company can be around $1000 per share. Looking at the current conditions of the company and the past performance, Alphabet owned Google is expected to maintain a buy rating for a long time and the rates would fluctuate between $950 to $1,000 in the coming future.