Analysis of Choosing Lyft over Uber

Analysis of Choosing Lyft over Uber

Reasons to choose Lyft over Uber

Every day thousands of people use ride share service in Canada to move around the city. In fact lots of them solely depend on Lyft or Uber. They use Uber or Lyft to go to work; appointments or mostly during weekend nights hangout.

If you live in Toronto or Ottawa and want to know that either Lyft or Uber; which one you should use for your daily commute. Well we have gathered some information that why should you choose Lyft over Uber.

We will see which will cost you less than other. Either Uber or Lyft surge the area same time or its just Uber that surge more often than Lyft. Also what types of perks or bonus are there for riders; are they onetime bonus or they are reoccurring.  Moreover how easily you can get Lyft ride in Toronto GTA.

Signup Bonus

In fact signup bonus is one of great startup push; as we all know that Lyft is new ride share service in Canada. Hence they are offering great amount of signup bonus for new riders and drivers. Lyft will give you $20 free ride credit once you sign up with Lyft promo code Canada; and later on there is possibility to receive $50 ride discount credit.

Since Lyft is getting many new riders so they also need drivers to fulfill rides requirements. There is huge signup bonus for driver; signup with Lyft driver referral and follow steps to become Lyft driver in Canada. Moreover if you are wondering that how much you can make as a Lyft driver in Toronto, Canada? Well to answer this first of all you must know that there are lot of perks and promotion for Lyft drivers in Canada; if you utilize them properly you can make decent amount of income.

Cheap Ride Option in Town

Next thing you might need to consider when deciding either to use Lyft or Uber is to compare the fare. In fact people have reported that Lyft often cost them less than Uber. There are many reasons for that; for example Lyft is offering $10 off per ride for first 5 rides to anyone who joins Lyft with Lyft promo code Canada.

Less Busy

Another side you may look while requiting Uber or Lyft is to see how much you have to wait before you ride will arrive. When sometimes Uber is busy and fewer drivers are available to serve you may request Lyft. While on the other hand there are some place in GTA where only few Lyft cars are available; so in that area you may depend on Uber.

Rare Surge or Prime Time

One of the most important factor is to check if any of ride service provider is surging the area. For instance; if Uber is busy in the morning time and normal fare is higher due to increase demand. It doesn’t mean Lyft will be surging too; in fact it happened often when Uber is surging and Lyft not.

Make sure you check both apps before requesting your next ride.

If you haven’t signup to Lyft yet; signup with Lyft promo code Canada and get $50 credit instantly.



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